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being skin smart

Being Skin Smart

Being Skin Smart can minimise ageing and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

At TBC. Skin Atelier, we offer the latest in UV Protection and sunscreens.

What do we mean by UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is rays from the sun that can cause permanent damage to your skin. It is therefore strongly recommended to give protection to your skin with a sunscreen.

We know that excessive sun (UV) exposure can cause significant skin damage and even skin cancer. Did you also know that 80% of the skin’s ageing over your lifetime can be attributed to the sun too? However, being Skin Smart can reduce the likelihood of developing future problems and minimise the ageing process.

What is does being ‘Skin Smart’ mean?

Well, the single biggest method for minimising ageing and this risk of skin cancer is by using sunscreens or SPFs.

Sunscreen & UV protection technology is advancing at a rapid pace and we are here to help explain the nuances and offer a wide range of different SPFs to suit every skin and every budget.

Choose a ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. Make sure it is water resistant and has a SPF of 30 or higher. Other sunscreens may help keep you from getting sunburned, but they won’t protect against skin cancer.

Excitingly there are now other treatments available too which can help protect the skin further and keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy. That is why we focus on all forms of UV protection at TBC. Skin Atelier.

We also recommend to avoid direct sun exposure when the sun is at its strongest throughout the day. Take shade, your skin will thank you for it in the long run! Also, wearing a large beach hat will give you extra protection and have the added bonus of looking elegant.

Did you know?……

Ultraviolet (UV) eye protection matters. UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin of your eyelid but also the cornea, lens and other parts of the eye. UV exposure also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts, growths on the eye and possibly macular degeneration – (blurred vision).

Choosing the right Sunscreen.

Remember there are essentially two main types of sun creams – chemical and mineral. The main difference is that chemical sun care products contain UV filtering ingredients that take time to be absorbed by the skin – hence people using the 20 minute rule before sun exposure. By contrast, mineral sunscreens contain inert UV protective ingredients such as zinc or titanium oxide and form a protective barrier on top of the skin – these have an immediate effect.

What is more, some people who suffer allergies or sensitivities to chemical UV filters find that mineral SPFs do not irritate their skin. Zinc is also anti-inflammatory and does not block the pores in the skin.

What can we recommend for you?

Rationale’s – B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50 is a sheer, tinted daily serum designed for ultimate skin hydration and solar protection. Fortified with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and powerful Green and Red Tea Extract Antioxidants plus Vitamins C + E, this super lightweight formula soothes as it protects skin from environmental aggressors. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Heliocare – provides advanced anti-ageing UV protection. The range consists of ultra-smooth, easy-apply advanced sunscreens combining high technology mineral & non-mineral filters with photo-biological protectants, featuring Fernblock, a natural fern extract unique to Heliocare.

Phasilab Instant Protect SPF50+ – formulated appropriate sun care for all skin types, and more specifically for intolerant and hypersensitive skins. It has a very high UVA and UVB protection. Thousands of Dermatologists all over the world trust Instant Protect.

Pop into see us at our Tunbridge wells clinic and try out our various sunscreens to find out which one would best suit you.

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