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Spring Skincare: An Expert Guide

By April 29, 2019 No Comments

As the largest organ in your body, the condition and appearance of your skin reveals a lot about what is going on inside. It is the mirror of your overall health and wellbeing.

Seasonal shift for your skin

The transition from one season to another can put your skin under particular strain, as it has to adapt to changes in temperature, sun strength, humidity and diet. 

After enjoying the warmest Easter on record, we are now officially into Spring and heading rapidly towards the warmest months of the year. 

So, as the season changes, has your skincare routine? If the answer to that question is no, here are some expert skincare tips to get you glowing this Spring…

(1) Look after your skin

This isn’t simply a tip for Spring, of course, it applies all year around. Your skin is one of the first things that people will notice about you. It is the outer limit of your amazing body and it deserves to be treated with love and respect.

The good news is that if you lavish some care and attention on your skin, it will reward you by looking its very best. We recommend buying the best skincare products you can afford.

All of them need to be used sparingly so a little goes a long way and it is a great investment as when your skin looks good, you feel good.

(2) Use a lighter moisturiser

The warmer weather means your skin will retain more moisture so you don’t need such heavy moisturisers.

If you’ve been using oils, serums or rich creams over Winter, now is the time to switch to water-based lotions or a hyaluronic acid-formula moisturiser such as Swiss Code Pure Hyaluron. 

(3) Up your sun protection

As the recent scorching Easter temperatures showed, there is strength in the sun even at this time of year so while in Winter it is fine to use a moisturiser with SPF 30, to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays, you should be using a sunscreen of SPF 50 every day from Spring through to Autumn.

Although some lotions and makeup contains sunscreen, ideally apply a separate sunblock for maximum protection. Nothing ages the skin faster than sun damage so don’t skip this important step in caring for your skin.  Something like Rationale Beautiful Skin Luminising Superfluid SPF50 is ideal.

(4) Exfoliate to unblock pores

If your skin is dry, the temptation can be to avoid exfoliation in the belief that it will dry it out even more.

This is a myth as exfoliating is good for the overall health of your skin as it removes dead skin cells and unblocks pores. Avoid attacking your skin with a harsh scrub, though, as this may cause damage. 

(5) Protect against pollution

It’s not just our lungs that are affected by pollution, so too is our skin. Some of the new generation skincare products provide high levels of protection against the damaging effects of pollution and radiation, as well as providing a vital boost to hydration levels.

Rationale Antioxidant Hydrogel environmental defence and antioxidant rejuvenation is an ideal way to protect your skin against the damaging effects of pollution.

(6) Facial-ise

Having a facial is akin to a cleanse and detox for your skin followed by a boost of vital nutrients and hydration.

Not only does it feel fantastic, but it will leave you glowing with vitality and health.

If you’re feeling like really treating your skin, our Photogenic Facial combines a relaxing massage, hydrating mask and skin-rejuvenating Dermalux LED phototherapy treatment.

At TBC. Skin Atelier we offer complementary skin consultation so if you would like some advice or some more information call to book in with one of our aestheticians on

T: 01892 538 202
E: info@tbcskinatelier.co.uk

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