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Rationale’s B3T SPF50+

B3-TRationale B3-T Superfluid Sunscreen SPF50+

B3-T SPF50+ is a sheer, tinted daily serum for hydration and ‘Broad Spectrum’ photo-protection.

B3-T achieves an ultra-high SPF by virtue of its Superfluid Technology.

Active Ingredients?

B3-T  SPF50+contains the all important Zinc Oxide. Zinc is the only sunscreen found naturally in the body and acts as a Photo Catalyst. It absorbs and scatters UV radiation, converting it to heat and light that has a rejuvenating effect on the skin connective tissue.

Rationale B3-T’s ‘Broad Spectrum’ with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide will start protecting you as soon as you apply to the skin.

B3-T contains 4% Niacinamide which has been demonstrated to help prevent Photoimmunosuppression in human skin. It is also a powerful anti-ageing ingredient, therefore Clinical findings suggest Niacinamide could prevent certain skin cancers.

We are forever promoting the benefits and importance of Antioxidants in the skin. B3-T is fortified with a blend of Green and Red Tea extracts. These act synergistically as Topical Antioxidants and help reduce the formation of Free Radicals. The extracts are also potent anti-inflammatory agents, as a result it helps to prevent UV induced Erythema and other markers of Solar Damage in human skin.

This beautiful Superfluid Sunscreen also benefits from Antioxidant Vitamins C & D which also prevent Free Radicals and UV Damage.

What makes B3T SPF50+ the go-to Sun Protection?

B3T benefits from;

Absorption throughout the entire Solar Constant

Immune protection with Niacinamide

Antioxidant protection with Vitamins C, E and Tea Polyphenols

Augments skin moisturisation and barrier repair processes

Anti-inflammatory for Rosacea and Melasma

Who can use B3-T SPF50+?

B3-T SPF 50+is suitable for most people, especially those with problematic skin conditions. The Anioxidants and this superlight formula makes it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Rationale’s B3-T is also Photoprotective and Anti-inflammatory in the Visible Light and InfraRed Spectra. As a result, making it ideal in the treatment of Rosacea and Melasma.

How to use B3-T SPF50+?

 B3-T must be activated by mecahnical energy. Simply shake the bottle before each use to ensure the Superfluid emulsion is fresh and active each time.

  • Use every morning. Apply over Rationale Immunologist, Super Antioxidant and PhotoDynamic Day Cream SPF15 and used under make-up
  • Shake to activate the Superfluid microemulsion
  • Dispense onto fingertips and apply to entire face, neck, chest and backs of hands
  • Apply a second layer for additional coverage and protection

To add a bit of coverage, try Raionales Beautiful Skin Luminizing Superfluid SPF50+ – available in three Skin Identical Chromatype shades ensuring a perfect match for your skin tone. Perfect for the summer days!

Problematic skin?

Visit us in Clinic for a skin analysis to find out if your skin is fully protected through our Observe – The skin diagnostic device for the 21st Century.

Many skin conditions that surface over time originate from the deeper skin layers which are difficult to diagnose with the human eye. The Observ exposes those conditions by using a patented skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology.

Using this unique technology, you can instantly reveal your skin condition and we will be able to tell what we can do to help your skin.

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