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Pyruvic Acid

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Pyruvic Acid

Pyruvic Acid

Pyruvic Acid is the simplest of the Alpha-Keto Acids. It is a metabolite of glcolysis, found naturally in the skin.

Looking for a safe and effective was to step up your anti-ageing skincare regime? Rationale’s Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivator Facial should be your next move.

This is a mild enzyme reactivation treatment for actinacally damaged skin. It promotes activation of enzymes that gently break down corneodesmosome bonds, improving skin texture without traumatising sensitive, sun damaged skin.

This results in a reduction in fine lines and an overall improvement in skin tone and texture. Continued treatment with Rationale Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivators also helps to re-establish superficial microcirculation, reducing sallowness and restoring a healthier, more youthful skin tone.

Who Would Benefit from Pyruvic acid?

Mostly suitable for those with sensitive, photo damaged or more mature skin. Pyruvic acid efficacy is also known for the treatment of many skin diseases such as acne, superficial scars, and pigment disorders.


If treatments are performed on a monthly basis, you will notice significant changes and improvements in your skin, including;

improvement in the signs of sun damage

smoother skin

improvements in the appearance of rough skin texture

brighter complexion

reduction in sallow looking skin

more youthful skin tone

reduction of fine lines

Rationale’s entire range is Skin Identical and Preservative Free. This is Isotropic. Isotropic means perfect synergy between formulation and the skin. Absolute affinity with the skin means that this Rationale formulation offers improved delivery of active ingredients to target cells and tissues, enhancing cellular communication and strengthening skin barrier function.

Before having this treatment it is always advised to have a full consultation with a skin specialist to ensure this is the right treatment for your skin. Contact us on 01892 538202, e-mail info@tbcskinatelier.co.uk for a consultation with our Aestheticians.

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