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The Essential Six Food Groups

Essential Six Food Groups

Australian luxury skincare brand RATIONALE has defined the newest frontier in skin health and beauty—Topical Skin Nutrition.

As world leaders in the prevention and treatment of skin ageing, RATIONALE has demonstrated that the skin benefits most from the topical application of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, debunking the myth that you can simply eat your way to good skin.

And while it’s true that a balanced diet is vital in overall health and well-being, the nutrients you eat are absorbed by virtually every other organ before reaching the skin, making their skin-health benefits minimal at best.

The RATIONALE Essential Six—the six skin food groups—contain all of your skin’s recommended daily intakes for a healthier, stronger, more radiant complexion.

Carefully calibrated at the correct concentrations, RATIONALE’s Skin Identical Essential Six formulations work synergistically with skin—and each other—to deliver healthy, Luminous Skin for Life.

1: Immunologist for immune health and protection

2: Antioxidant for defence against free-radical damage

3: PhotoDynamic SPF for full Solar Constant protection

4: ProCeramide for Barrier function and fortification

5: Catalyst for pH recalibration

6: DNA for rejuvenation and solar repair

Rationale also have a range of Essential Six Boosters to either compliment and support these products or replace them, depending on your skin type and what your skin may need.

The first step in achieving Luminous Skin for Life is your at home skin regime.

Having a skin consultation is vital so you are using the correct skincare.

Our skin specialists are on hand for advice and recommendations, call to book for a consultation 01892 538202, e-mail info@tbcskinatelier.co.uk.

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