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At TBC. Skin Atelier we believe in helping you bring out the best in your skin. Our philosophy is to promote skin health in all its forms and give you a healthy, luminous complexion. Our mission to source the world’s finest skin care ingredients and sun creams for our customers and we are passionate about this.

With the support of our internationally-known skin guru, we have curated a wide range of products for your use and enjoyment. Our artisan’s skin studio is situated opposite Hotel Du Vin in the heart of Tunbridge Wells with ample parking only a few steps away.
Whether you wish to chat, sit and relax or want to be educated about the latest hot skin care products and their treatments feel free to drop in for a chat any time. We look forward to welcoming you!

As a company we wish to constantly evolve and improve so we welcome suggestions and critique. Our evaluation of the latest research and product launches from around the globe is one of our USPs and we shall share our thoughts with you on this journey.

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"I have been using Rationale Products for a year now, using Rationale has significantly calmed my skin down and reduced redness. The morning routine only takes a few minutes and your skin is not left feeling overloaded, or at all greasy, which means my makeup goes on really well after."

“I have been using Rationale B3-T SPF50+, This sun cream is cooling, calming and soothing. It also reduces dryness, redness and helps improve my sensitive skin! Your face feels like it has a barrier on from the sun, wind, pollution etc. Without feeling or looking like you have anything on it!”

“I have just finished my course of 6 of Enzyme Reactivator peels, I was a bit nervous at first as my skin is very sensitive but the results have been fantastic! I have noticed a massive difference, my skin has a much more even complexion with reduced redness. I have received many compliments on how well I look!”

“I have only been using Rationale Products for a short while now, but so many people have said to me, that my skin is glowing. This in turn makes me feel better about myself, so I smile more! My skin feels softer and looks clearer.”

“I am thrilled to bits with the Rationale Essential Six Skincare Range, My skin is truly radiant and very soft, I love the way Catalyst makes my skin tingle by gently exfoliating!”

“I cannot thank the team at TBC Skin Atelier enough for everything they have done! I came to them with an uneven complexion, repetitive spots and open pores. They have changed my skin for the better and advised me how to look after my skin in ways I never knew. I Thank you all for inspiring me to change my lifestyle, I am now a lot happier in my own skin and I will always be appreciative.”

“My skin assessment and skin imaging at TBC Skin Atelier was amazing and a real eye opener, I would recommend anyone to do this as I just did not realise how bad I had been in the sun when I was younger! I am glad to say though that the products recommended have had an amazing impact on my skin and it feels and looks much brighter and fresher, Even my husband said my skin looks good!”

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